Why authors choose Novel Gazing

Highly professional, artful work.

‘Novel Gazing showed not only great competence and fine sense of style, but also deep understanding of my intentions as an author and the effects I was hoping to achieve with every sentence. My editor also made suggestions on improving things that were technically correct but could sound much better. It was a pleasure to work with the editor in general, and I would recommend the Novel Gazing services to anyone who wants their piece of writing to get as close to perfection as possible.’

Lily Markova

As a first time author, I wanted to make sure I had an editor with the patience to mentor and advise. I vetted a number of editing services before settling on Novel Gazing. It was, indeed, the right choice. I was very pleased with the quality of service, and the responsiveness to my questions, but most importantly my editor’s understanding of how personal my story was to me. I highly recommend Novel Gazing.

Lee Jourdan

‘Novel Gazing provided editing services for my poetry book. My editor was very efficient and thorough. What I really appreciated was the gentle recommendations and questions in areas I would not have thought of, being so close to my work. The editor worked diligently to edit and modify my content, which allowed me to proceed in other areas of my book. I would highly recommend Novel Gazing. My editor is very skilled, professional and detailed oriented.’

Genique Crowder

‘I very much enjoyed working with Novel Gazing. My process for finding an editor was to try out about four different “free edits” and one paid edit. In the end, it was clear that Novel Gazing’s edits were the deepest and most thoughtful. My editor did a full edit for me, meaning grammar and content.

‘My editor flagged every possible way that someone could misinterpret my words and gave helpful tips about how things could be changed. Overall, I feel my story is much stronger having been reviewed by Novel Gazing.

So, all in all, I highly recommend Novel Gazing, and plan on using their editing services in the future.’

Martin Rico

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