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Your personal editor will help you get the best out of your novel and, in turn, boost your sales.



Give your readers a more satisfying read, and give yourself a great advantage by choosing our copy-editing service.



A polished, error-free draft of your novel will let your readers concentrate on the story, not the mistakes.

Which of our novel editing services do you need?

You need a CRITIQUE when

You wonder if your book is good enough to be published.

You want an honest evaluation of your book before it’s published.

You want to improve your characters, plotting, story structure and pacing.

You want to improve your writing through detailed professional feedback.

You want solid suggestions on how to get your book into shape for publishing.

You need a FULL EDIT when

You've already revised your novel several times.

You're concerned the story takes too long to start.

You want feedback and suggestions to improve character development.

You've already cut a lot of text, and you're not sure if the plot still makes sense.

You need feedback from a professional editor to improve the drama in your novel.

You need a COPY-EDIT when

You've already given your novel several rewrites.

Sentences and paragraphs still need some polishing.

You've worked on your novel so much you can no longer see the mistakes.

You've revised your novel based on professional feedback or criticism from readers.

You're happy with all your characters, plot, story structure and pacing.

You need PROOFREADING when

You have already had your text edited.

You have formatted your book for publishing and need a final check.

You need a professional editor to give your document or report a last look over.

You want to rid your manuscript of spelling errors, typos and ensure consistency throughout.

You want to add the final finishing touches to deliver a professional quality novel to your readers.

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Your personal editor will help you get the best out of your novel and, in turn, boost your sales.

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